Quitting masturbation for 2 weeks changed me, really.

Just for some visuals :) (PC- Pexels)
Try herbs for improving your health. Also, no side effects. Yay!

So what was the result?

I feel full of energy now. Plus not masturbating has made me realise that I had lost myself somewhere into an abyss of indescribable negativity and lifelessness. I got myself back. Now whenever I walk past girls I don’t get any of those thoughts anymore, I get a feeling of being a fellow human who can be supportive and helpful(if there be any need), without any expectations. I volunteer and engage more with the society around me and the magical part is that they acknowledge my presence and efforts more and more. Maybe that’s because when your intentions are clean and your effort comes from a genuine standpoint of helping others, there’s little reason(beyond obvious suspicion which is a human trait) for someone to not to acknowledge and respect.

Give. Help. Build. :)

Anything unique to share?

Yes, there is one thing. I started to observe the lifestyle of my fellow-people and this, I think, can be generalised for a majority of youth in a similar setup. Students(boys) have succumbed to this idea of masturbation and in-turn it has shaped their entire routine in a monotonous way. A boy who used to go out doesn’t go out anymore but keeps loathing around till the evening and once his “high time” comes and he’s done with his act, calmly sleeps and the cycle repeats. All his ambitions, all his plans, disappear into oblivion. And what to say if gets into drugs and stuff.

Advice from a friend

There are other, more interesting things to do. IF you’re stuck in some problem and can’t see a way out, keep yourself busy in finding a solution. Worse, if the problem is emotional or is regarding some family stuff, understand that this cannot be the answer. Take time and figure out something. Start pursuing that weird(not maybe not :’) hobby you wanted to when you were younger.



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Aditya Mohan

Aditya Mohan


Fan of electronic music and the Himalyas. Student of linguistics and Machine learning. Lover of human cultures. Life is work | Work is life.