Progressive House, Melodic chillstep and Trance- how electronic music can alleviate you for the better.

Aditya Mohan
3 min readJul 11, 2019

Music can change the world-Beethoven

Today’s society is no alien to electronically generated music. It has been incorporated in mainstream music production and is used extensively in various forms(created) by artists and individuals. Here a very special thing distinguishing this way of music production being brought up in THIS time is the fact that this music offers a plethora of opportunities and options to create almost infinitely new varieties of sounds with the addition of sounds having no limit, which in fact results in music becoming highly versatile, without boundaries as someone else may describe it. The role this “internetted” time has played is paramount- it has made the end-to-end production of such limitless music possible by providing access to all individuals and also a highly fair chance for individuals to get their music out to the entire world. Having seen various extremely talented individuals coming up and more talent being recognised and appreciated, I think it’s a beautiful thing that people can and are creating entire genres and sub-genres and there IS an online population from the entire world present to listen to their music and relate to it, heal from it.

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The very fact that people are creating more and more intricate and complex music and people are getting more music they can EXACTLY relate to at that moment maybe hinting towards something- if more and more people get more and more of the variety of the sound that connects with them and ultimately steers them towards positivity and betterment, we maybe looking at contentment and satisfaction rate increasing at a slow rate but massive scale, or to add some psychedelic flavour to it, consciousness evolving at a huge scale.

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Alright, but people listen to music all the time. How are they being helped?

We all have our own view of our lives. The way we think of this world is shaped by what all we have experienced and how we had inferred each and every moment’s outcome, no matter it’s magnitude. As we go on in our lives, the inferences and interpretations of the events that unfold keep on adding up and in a very complex manner we start to relate them- we start to think of how an old event’s outcome relates to this current thing and if this(whatever way our mind decided they are related) is the way it is, then this out to become a part of my worldview. And this way my friends, in very complex and unexplainable way we form our views and start to call it our “life experience”. Interestingly, if we find music that we can relate to, not momentarily in most of the times i.e. the type we IDENTIFY or relate our original selves with, we tend to be hooked up to it and since we keep getting more of that, we are able to contemplate better, especially at times when we are alone, our brain forms conclusions from that repeated ecstatic and authentic experience and our worldview starts be modified towards what we authentically think of ourselves and our being. And this worldview is never sad or depressing, for it is what makes us realise of what our encounter with our own self looks like, of what we really our in the moment once we remove all our biases and worries towards ourselves, reaffirming our place in this world, in the moment. And this is, what i think, makes people more honest with themselves and then a chain of events and actions ensue, unfolding into a life saving and mind elevating process, and that ought to be great!

Cheers to life!

Some beautiful pieces of music I picked up recently and maybe, you can give them a try :).



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