Memoir of an instant.

Aditya Mohan
3 min readDec 16, 2020

This is not an article, I just typed the following on my phone as I was walking by, almost zombified due to the cold, but ecstatic, due to the music and the state my mind had reached for those moments. Its more of a bullet point list than an actual article full of content. Anyway, here it is, unabridged, short and straight from the heart, head and soul. Haha.

  • Way of looking at something is everything
  • Travel, the world is big, especially for those who appreciate all sorts of aesthetics.
  • Good things have to be built and fostered, and appreciated. Be it life, art, society, child.

Our sense of self usually holds us back, keeps us from really opening our minds, really seeing, if we keep it aside for sometime and really wonder , we don’t know what could come off it- ideas, relief, healing, love for life, gratefulness, connection with the Divine, epiphanies which could really sort you out, simplify all your concerns, eliminate most. Real flow comes, darn it it’s cold, can’t really write as fast as I wish to. The frontal region is activated, nostrils are free, body is oxygenated (even in a city as polluted as mine), most cherished solo and group moments, realizations come to picture. It’s like a scene from Harry Potter for a 10 year old, everything is just, real but so magical. All the bonds formed in those deep moments of talk, all the connection that flowed, one would literally feel it, when those talks occurred, everything comes as a flash. Complete knowledge and wisdom with play of all the love we ever received, all the bonds we ever formed, with everyone, It’s like becoming Buddha, being ascended in our own right, wow. Realizing that you won’t be there when everything that you look at happens, or has already happened, you will miss out almost everything that ever happens, but knowing that that all is a story, a timeline being prepared for someone else’s epiphany, it is a wonderful realization. God. I love winters. I love nature. Where them Norwegian and Himalayan folks at, blessed they are, if they don’t know already.

Maybe this is the reason of people giving their life to anime, maybe this is why alcohol exists, maybe this is the reason love is romanticized, or, for us Indians and third world people, old time French street aesthetics are. Here is where many find god, why not, after all, he is also whom we realized along with everything and thus, the poets and philosophers were born. This is meditation, this is flow, this is success, this is mindfulness this is life, this is zen.

I don’t know, we are too caught up in our environment, not knowing that every moment is a chance for a portal to open, to be entered, to learn inside, to realize. Man I love walking alone in winters.

That chasing a water boat as a kid, digging to find an ants home, every corner of a street being a new dimension in itself, that all makes sense now. No attachments, free, open, really seeing, really ‘present’, that is the root of all wisdom. And this what I shared is the root of all realizations, is this a cycle now? Cycle of all knowing, knowing of the source of knowing, God, is that you? No it’s me. And “I” figured this out, I figured out god, then God must be me. Or I am god. And if we’re all this way, then we’re all gods. Did I seek this? This knowing? No. It came. I didn’t try. I just got in the state somehow. And I want this, for ever.

Now as I’m struggling between this state and my normal, conditioned state, the sadness that this state, this high is going away is coming but at the same time happiness of knowing that this has come, time had stopped, I felt it, articulated some of the knowledge received in words, is insurmountable. Yin and Yang are being witnessed, within myself, for both have different forms, this state one’s being one of em.

One thing is certain now, music is a gateway to a portal, breathing is a sledge to get inside the portal, your body is magic and you are god.

Man, feels like a speech could be given now, neurons firing at the speed of light, there’s so much I can’t type, for my fingers are almost frozen, but I’m able to tell you that, this is smileworthy. Art, aesthetics, intuition, wisdom, God. All is us, we are all.

Good night!



Aditya Mohan

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